Daisie Chains Pattern with Snowball Centers {FREE Download}

Daisie Chains Pattern with Snowball Centers {FREE Download}

Hi all - I'm Brie Wells of Willow Grove Goods! Though I learned to sew at a young age from my mother, it wasn't until my friends started having babies (circa 2017) that I began learning how to quilt. From there, I started Willow Grove Goods in May of 2021 when realizing I had far too many quilts I wanted to make and couldn't keep them all for myself (I'm sure all the quilters out there feel the same struggle!) After stumbling through some quilt math and trying out a few free quilt patterns online, it seemed like pattern testing would be a great opportunity to learn and grow even further - thank you to those first few quilt designers who took a chance on a beginner quilter!

Today, I enjoy pattern testing as a way to continually meet new quilters online and have a chance to try new patterns, which brings us to Daisie Chains by Becca Plymale. I received a kind message in my inbox inquiring about whether I would be interested in testing a debut quilt pattern for Becca and I thought her quilt and quilt name were just too darling to pass up - but it got me thinking even more because of the name . . .  I began by downloading the pattern and taking a screenshot of the Quilt Coloring Page (on Page 8) so I could trial some color options. After fiddling with it for a bit, I settled upon a white flower with green stem chains and a floral background. But my brain wasn't done swirling around the idea of that classic, bright yellow daisy center! I reached out to Becca with a mock-up showing what I was thinking, to which Becca immediately said, "Let's go for it!" I can't think of a more fun way to have a literal interpretation of a quilt pattern other than with cutesy daisies, so thank you, Becca, for letting my daisy dreams come true! If you give this variation a try, I hope you have as much fun bringing Daisie Chains to life - and tag me in it @willowgrovegoods , I would love to see any creations that come of this variation!

All the best, and happy sewing!

Brie Wells

Willow Grove Goods




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